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Client Testimonials

Marilynn B. Winn, Founder and Executive Director of Women on the Rise GA, Inc.

Women on the Rise was founded in 2012. The first year of our existence we consulted with Standly Solutions Consulting to facilitate our first strategic planning retreat. We were astonished with the unique professionalism of Benetta from the beginning. Since 2012, Women on the Rise has consulted with ONLY Benetta for her expertise in facilitation, strategic planning of one to two years work plans, her critical thinking techniques, her peer coaching. Benetta is a magician with many skills to fit your organizational needs. Benetta’s attitude is one of a kind, it’s perfect when dealing with a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life. Benetta Standly and Standly Solutions Consulting, LLC is a Human Resource wiz. Don’t believe me, try her and see.

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Dr. Krystal Redman, Executive Director, SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW!

Thank you for helping us through a rather difficult and complex transition and helping us achieve so much progress, specifically with our infrastructure, in so little time. The work you accomplished by guiding us through our strategic planning and evaluation process has aided our organization to significantly improve our operations. Thank you for your efforts and obvious commitment to the Reproductive Justice Movement.

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Tim Bell, Executive Director, Chicago Workers' Collaborative

Benétta landed in the South side of Chicago and within 3 months formed crucial relationships with African American clergy and community leaders, relaying the importance of racial unity in the fight for economic justice.  

As an influencer, Benétta's civil rights and racial justice expertise laid a critical foundation to our Bringing Down Barriers campaign. This worker justice campaign brought together Latinx and African American low wage, temporary workers which enabled our organization to pass the ambitious regulations to temp staffing industry in the U.S.

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Cedric Shaw, President and Founder, T.RY.B.E. Force, Inc.

When searching for a keynote speaker for a Town Hall on the School to Prison Pipeline, I knew I needed an individual who was nuanced on the subject and had the communication skills to be able to field challenging social justice questions across race and class lines effectively and accurately, taking on intersectionality. In choosing Ms. Benétta Standly we hit the jackpot. Her knowledge on this subject is vast, professionalism unmatched, reliability stellar and character impeccable. Ms. Standly’s natural ability to organize has since been an asset to the work I do as I have called on her consult repeatedly. Most importantly, her body of work is founded in a commitment to social justice and the least of thee.


Lisa Diane White, MPH, Deputy Director, SisterLove, Inc.

Benétta Standly is my consultant of choice. I find one of her greatest assets is taking the dreams of visionaries and tasking them out in a "step by step" implementation plan. We are creative and, in our heads, and sometimes after a quick conversation and key questions -  an impromptu meeting has an agenda that we can tweak and implement immediately.  No matter what our need she has been able to support the task: board development and training, executive coaching, human resource development, program implementation, training on any number of issues, etc. She sets the bar so high for accurate implementation that I have become impatient with "I don't know" from my team. I trust Benétta personally and professionally. We believe in "Doing Our Dreams" and she helps many of our dreams come true. She is a consummate professional and I highly recommend her to all my colleagues

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Grace Bauer Lubow, Executive Director, Justice For Families

Benétta was unbelievably helpful as I thought through my succession planning/transition.  She simply interviewed me, picked my brain, and created a plethora of tools and documents, which detailed tasks, processes and systems that the future Executive Director could use to hit the ground running. Benétta was skilled at cultivating relationships with my Board of Directors. She expertly guided them through numerous processes including nominations, governance training, and strategic planning.


Charlene Sinclair, PhD., Founding Director, Center for Race, Religion & Economic Democracy

Benétta Standly of Standly Solutions Consulting works wonders! Her attention to detail and level of professionalism is surpassed only by her sensitivity to human dynamics and process. To engage Standly Solutions Consulting is to engage a consulting team that works with care and precision to get the job done. I recommend SSC without reservation for any strategic and program planning or organizational development needs.


Dázon Dixon Diallo, MPH, Founder & Executive Director, SisterLove, Inc.

& SisterLove International South Africa

When it comes to organizational, program, staff and leadership development, Benétta Standly is our Go-To consultant. SisterLove has enjoyed and benefited from the focus, intelligence and precise organizing skills that Benétta brings to every project. We have worked with Benétta in a variety of capacities and she has consistently been timely, thorough, and sometimes lovingly tough, in helping us produce amazing work. Benétta is more than a consultant, she is a treasure.

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